Welcome to the Temple of Growth Advancement (TOGA), an interfaith community serving pagans, polytheists, pantheists, and spiritual seekers of all kinds.

Our Temple and core community are located in Reno, Nevada, where we hold public rituals, celebrations, classes, and community events. This website is a portal for our online resources, created to serve both our local and remote members as well as anyone interested in learning more about us!

Under the Traditions tab you will find more info about the current temples, what they practice, how they practice, and who they serve. The Events page holds all the information about the amazing things our traditions do, from our public rituals to our special events! We hold dances, trips to the ocean, and have glorious camp outs, plus much more! 

Meet Our Clergy is where you will find more info on the Priests/Priestess/Priestx that serve the TOGA Temples.

This website is currently being updated. Check back soon for more resources and information!