Welcome to the House of Zephyrus

Hello and welcome to the news, information, and blog page for the House of Zephyrus Hellenic Temple!

For the sake of full disclosure, I will begin with what I said on Facebook not too long ago: Hi, my name is Alain and I am internet-challenged. I have no legitimate excuse for this. I grew up surrounded by computers and I use technology every day…though admittedly not without protest. Seriously, I didn’t get a smart phone until 2015.

However, I am working to overcome this lifelong aversion to internet-ing (see, I made a verb out of a proper noun, I can speak millennial!) in order to maintain a resource and information base for the local and remote members of our temple.

Check back here for regular temple event updates and discussions of topics in modern Hellenismos, including the Delphic Maxims as they apply today, the Greek Alphabet Oracle, and of course the many Theoi and divine beings of our Pantheon.

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