Tell me about your events!

We offer New and Full Moon rituals that focus on personal and community magick, special high holiday events celebrating the wheel of the year, and rituals and devotionals within our member temples.

Check out our Events page or come by and ask us!

Are your rituals open to the public?

These rituals are open to everyone:

  • Open Full and New Moons
  • Morrigan Devotionals
  • Greek Temple Rituals
  • Egyptian Temple Rituals
  • Norse Fellowship Blots
  • Temple of Aphrodite Devotionals
  • Black Madonna Devotionals
  • Tara Chanting (Tibetian Buddhism)
  • High Holiday Celebrations

We also hold rituals that are specifically for TOGA members and/or TOGA priests. These rituals are indicated on the calendar as “closed” or “Second Circle and above.”

Is there a cost to attend ritual?

Payment is not required to participate in rituals, however we do ask that those who are able contribute something to the rituals – this can be a monetary donation to TOGA or food/drinks to share with the community. All donations go to support TOGA.

Are your events family/kid friendly?

Depends on the event. Open New and Full Moons are designed to be family friendly. Special events, including high holiday celebrations and summer campouts, are kid, family, and (usually) dog friendly. Some events at the temple may not be suitable for young kids, as they may involve personal processing or extended periods of meditation.

Information about specific rituals can be found on our Facebook page! Contact the priest in charge of the event with any additional questions or message us on Facebook.

Can I teach classes and/or give workshops at the Temple?

We recognize the many and varied skills of the members of our larger community. In general, however, we ask that anyone who wishes to act as a teacher or spiritual guide be trained within the TOGA system to at least the level of Fourth Circle Dedicant before we endorse their classes. The reason for this is that as a Church, it is important that we know who you are, that you know who we are and how we work, and that your teachings are in alignment with TOGA’s mission. As a parallel example, one would not expect to walk into a new Synagogue and be immediately given a position as a Rabbi.

However, we do occasionally hold special workshops with visiting clergy, and/or people looking for space to perform a service such as Reiki. Please contact us for more details.

(These sections under revision)

What  does TOGA mean?

TOGA stands for Temple of Growth Advancement. Our mission as a temple and community is to create opportunities for people to grow, learn, heal, and realize their personal destiny.

TOGA is a 501c church that encompasses all of our member temples. It is also the name of our physical temple. Check out this page for more information!

-Temple of Growth Advancement, and what that means is (insert blurb about TOGA mission here)

What exactly is it you do here?

-help people recognize personal truth, provide guidance, provide a safe judgement-free space to explore your spirituality. If it works, and it is healthy, we support it. explore themselves and spirituality, whatever that means to them. we provide classes for people who want to learn more about magick or deity and divination. We hold open rituals to allow people to practice their spirituality with the support of community, but we also have resources for solitary people.

Where do I start learning about magick/spirituality/gods and goddesses?

If you are new to the whole concept, come to Coffee and magick for general stuff and things, Open Moon rituals to see basic magickal work in community in action and First Circle classes to learn about the basics.