The Fellowship of Fire, Wind, and Thunder is a modern shamanic tradition based in the worship of the Norse Gods. Our vision is to move our Norse practice away from the belief that Ragnarok, the destruction of the world, is an inevitability set in stone. We wish to form a belief system in which the Gods are understood as being able to change and to forgive.

Ragnarok is just one story of the Norse Gods, and our knowledge of it is heavily influenced by later Christian re-interpretation. At the core of our shamanic tradition is our mission to re-discover authentic stories of the gods, and to continue with new stories that help the Gods connect with us in the modern era.  

Our Mission:

To rebuild the Norse spiritual tradition through the study of history and through shamanistic practice.

To build community and kinship through Blots, plays, and the study of the Runes and Norse history.

To build a foundation for a healthy and functioning Kindred.

Our Practice:

The Fellowship takes its name from our three patron Gods and their elements: Loki (Fire), Odin (Wind), and Thor (Thunder). While They are our primary patrons, we honor all the Gods and Goddesses of the Norse Pantheon.

Our bi-monthly meetings (every other Wednesday) are a combination of our own modern practices and the traditional practice of the Blot. Blots are sacrifices to the gods which include the sharing of a feast among the community – we celebrate them by sharing the mead horn!

Every meeting is opened with a Hammer Rite, which uses Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir, to declare sacred space. In addition to the mead drinking, our meetings include a brief ritual based on one of the 24 Elder Futhark Runes. Our experience of the Runes is connected to our experience of the Yggdrasil, the world tree at the center of our tradition (and our universe).