Our Mission

We honor the Kemetic (Egyptian) Gods in their ancient rites while practicing their worship and spirituality in the modern world. Our practice follows a threefold path, guided by the Goddess Auset in her aspects as Auset Sopdet, Auset Hent-Nisut, and Auset Mut.

What We Believe

The name of the Kemetic Temple translates to “Mansion of the Emergence of Auset.” It is part of the tradition of the Temple of Auset Nevada, which was founded in 2001 as an offshoot of the Temple of Isis based in California. The purpose of the Temple is an extension of the purpose of the Temple of Auset, which is:

“To serve as a living and active sanctuary where the living Goddess Auset is worshiped in the rites of the ancient Egyptians.”

The Temple of Auset proper has a strong focus on service to the Kemetic Gods, particularly Auset. Hwt Peret Auset seeks to explore the manifestation of all the Egyptian Gods (Netjeru) in the modern world, with Auset guiding our path in Her Cosmic aspect as Sopdet or Sothis. We seek to worship the Netjer in their ancient rites, and, with the understanding that They are living and active beings, to explore new ways to bring their worship into the modern world.

We do not believe that one has to be of Egyptian descent, in either by blood or by past life affiliation, to form a connection to the Netjeru. While we believe the Netjeru to be universal and cosmic beings, we believe that knowledge of Them and their manifestations is inherently and completely based in human experience. The practice of Egyptian spirituality and discovery of spiritual values is therefore possible for all humans willing to seek.

Our Vision

The overall vision of the Mansion/Temple of the Emergence of Auset emphasizes the ‘emergence’. It is designed to provide a context in which Auset and the Netjeru (Egyptian Gods) can make Their power manifest. The three Paths of Auset are designed to facilitate this. As a part of the Temple of Auset tradition,  Auset, or Isis, is our foundational Goddess-sponsor and primary patron. However, the goal of the temple is honor all the Netjeru and divine beings in the Egyptian cosmology.

The Paths of Auset:

Auset Sopdet

This path is guided by Auset in her aspect as the embodiment of Sopdet/Sothis/Sirius/the Dogstar that signaled the beginning of the inundation in Egypt.

The path is one of introspection, self-knowledge, and understanding.

The goal is to understand one’s personal destiny, align with all nine of one’s sacred bodies, understand past lives/astral experiences, and affect personal growth and healing

Auset Hent-Nisut

This path is guided by Auset in her aspect as The Throne.

The path is one of empowerment, both of the self and of others. Its goal is to accept and claim one’s own power and manifest one’s own destiny, but it also has a significant aspect of civil and public service. As the Throne, Auset puts and keeps the right people in charge.

This path calls on individuals to bring the blessings and enlightenment of a culture that governed with pretty decent success for five thousand years into the modern social and political spheres (also taking into account lessons learned from their failures).

Auset Mut

This path is guided by Auset in her aspect as Great Mother.

The path is one of care and service, naturally beginning with caring for the self, but most self-work belongs in the path of Auset Sopdet.

The path of Auset Mut calls on individuals to engage in community service, volunteer work, outreach, and interfaith work to make the community in general stronger and healthier.

It should be evident that these paths are interrelated; the degree to which a specific person practices each will vary, but it is unlikely that anyone will follow only one for long.

Another major goal of the Temple is to help dispel the obscurity and misinformation surrounding Egyptian religion and the Netjeru that has resulted from millennia of misunderstanding, appropriation, and fetishization. This is accomplished through study of ancient Egyptian history and spirituality, as well as meditation, prayer, and astral work.