Ile Ajebidan (“the house that works like magick”) is a modern American Ifa house with roots in traditional Ifa through our Elders and their connections and elders in Nigeria.  We seek to apply the ancestral wisdom of Ifa into the modern American context.

We stand on the shoulders of those who came before, but our world is changing very quickly and while the past often has guidance and recommendations on how to face modern challenges, it is important to work with spirit and experimentation as well to find and use modern tools, medicines and magicks for some of the challenges we face.

When possible we will use what has been proven to work, and when necessary we will seek out new tools. The temple uses traditional Ifa divination and ritual as well as modern resources when necessary.

Iba Se Egun!  Iba Se Ori!  Iba Se Orisa!  Iba Se Ifa!