Iyanifa Fa’riyike

Iyanifa Fa’riyike (Misty Reiknights) is TOGA’s high priestess. She has been a magick worker and priestess for 25 years and has worked as a professional psychic and medium for 30 years. She has 500 hours of training at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America and has received her certification as Hypnotherapist, Medical Adjunct, and Past Life Regression counselor. She has worked with hundreds of people in her store, temple, and working groups to develop tools and strategies to have happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.

“I love helping people reach their highest potential. I love seeing their relationships with partners, family, and friends improve and become more fulfilling and connected. I love watching people’s personal growth as they become more confident, loving, and resourceful. There are many ways to truth. Our job is to find the way that works for you.” – Misty

Awo Fagbemiro

Awo Fagbemiro (Scott Reimers) is one of the High Priests of Temple of Growth Advancement.   He and Iyanifa Fariyike lead Ile Ajebidan.   He is a long time student and practitioner of magick and has published a Book “The Power Before Wisdom Primer” based on the universal dynamics of magick which arise when you explore multiple different effective cultural practices.

Alain Hieros

Alain (Al) Hieros is a 6th Circle Temple Priest Lead at TOGA and is acting priest/primary contact for House of Zephyrus, TOGA’s Hellenic (Greek) Temple and Hwt Peret Auset, TOGA’s Kemetic (Egyptian) Temple.   He is a reconstructionist in practice, but firmly believes in reconstructing ancient religion in such a way that it can be as present in our modern lives as it was in the lives of our spiritual ancestors. Both House of Zephyrus and Hwt Peret Auset are designed to provide a framework in which individuals can build their own relationships and practices with the Gods.

Stephanie Evgenia

Stephanie Evgenia is a 5th Circle Priest in TOGA, who is currently working towards being ordained in TOGA and becoming a High Priestess in the TOGA Tradition(s) and Temple of Aphrodite Reno. She is the main contact and acting priestess for the Temple of Aphrodite and its monthly devotional rituals.  

Devon Irongut

Devon is a 5th Circle Priest in TOGA and is acting priest for the Fire, Wind, and Thunder Norse Fellowship.