Aphrodite Mission:

We believe in empowering, uplifting and nurturing people in their quest to be as fully themselves as they choose. We believe that everyone is a reflection of the Goddess and we explore self love, self worth and self acceptance under Aphrodite’s love and guidance.

Aphrodite Vision:

At the Temple of Aphrodite Reno we believe and celebrate the Goddess Aphrodite in all her forms. We honor her and the divine feminine within ourselves monthly with our fellow attendees. We honor Aphrodite this way due to Makarios which is the Greek word for blessed/happy/fortunate and to take that and turn that into the concept of filling oneself up with good things and seeing ourselves as a cup that deserves to be filled with love and be whole.

Aphrodite Cosmology:

Our purpose is to uplift, empower and nurture people by providing a space where one can express themselves and explore Aphrodite in all her forms, while being free from judgment and to grow and change as they choose. In this space we worship and honor the Aphrodite who was born of sea form and from the God Ouranos (his genitals). We worship this origin of Aphrodite because we believe that she expresses the sacred feminine that we tap into during devotionals and what we want to express in the world. We take into account her history as well as who she is in the here and now to keep our practice and devotionals dynamic and evolving.


Makarios: The people of Crete had so much abundance and so much wealth that it overflowed, so they created the word Makarios. We use it in Aphrodite as a Hail/Blessed Be/So Mote It Be/ Ase. It is our word of affirmation and a word we use to recognize when we see someone else who is exhibiting the overflow of good things (emotions, being in tune with themselves, etc).