TOGA is the Umbrella, Reno Magick is the Handle

Our community involves two separate but overlapping official entities: The Temple of Growth Advancement (TOGA) and Reno Magick. TOGA is a 501c church that encompasses an interfaith community with multiple member temples. It is also the name of our physical temple space. Reno Magick is the name of the magickal supply store attached to our physical temple, as well as the name of the pantheistic tradition that we practice as a community. Reno Magick serves as the central governing system and support for TOGA.

Where YOUR Path Becomes Clear


TOGA and the Reno Magick tradition do not have any proscribed ‘dogma,’ though we do have a code of ethics (See: Code of Conduct). While some pantheons and culturally-derived traditions are better represented than others within our member temples, the Reno Magick system does not prioritize or favor any particular culture or pantheon. This is because the goal of both TOGA and Reno Magick is to create a shared space in which many different pantheons and practices can be accepted, honored, and given the opportunity to inform and interact with each other. It is designed to give people the resources to define and follow their own path while providing tools for their personal growth and healing.

“Growth Advancement

Through personal healing, empowerment, and active connections with our spirituality and Divinity, we become more functional and successful as human beings living in the world. By extension, we become more effective in our families, social circles, professions, and larger communities. In this way, we accomplish our personal destiny and take control of our lives. At the same time, by being more conscious in everything that we do, we we create opportunities for healing and empowerment on larger scales. Thus, the Temple of Growth Advancement is meant to elevate individuals, communities, and our world.

Reno Magick Circles

The Nine Circles are a part of the Reno Magick system. These serve as the “glue” of TOGA and its Member Temples. First, Second, and Third Circles are geared toward all TOGA members, while Fourth Circle and beyond are designed for people who wish to be trained as Clergy within the TOGA Umbrella.

First Circle is a 13 week series of classes which provide a basic training in magickal techniques and concepts alongside the Reno Magick terms and rituals for opening sacred space.   It provides a foundation for students and gives people a chance to see if work with TOGA is a good fit for themselves and their life goals.

Second Circle is a series of 26 group classes which go deeper into how we can mix magick and the mundane effectively to build the life we want.  Second circle teaches tools to further personal growth and healing as well as tools to find our power to manifest our personal destiny.   Additionally, we work to teach basic problem solving and conflict resolution skills as a foundation to forming and maintaining a healthy community.

Third Circle is an intense year of self reflection where devotees are personally guided by two priests and a Diety (expressed by divination and mediumship) through a journey with our inner struggles.  Our past, our fears, our hopes, our dreams and more are raised up for us to review and come to terms with.  What can be healed is healed, what can be faced is faced and what needs more time is identified while coping skills for life with this struggle remaining are adopted.   We aim to exit Third Circle with the ability to express equanimity sufficient to support healthy community when needed, while having the skills to do deep dives into our emotions both alone and with others when the time is right.

Fourth Circle is training to become a Priest of TOGA.  We have identified Priests of the Divine (Service to Gods) and Priests of the People (Service to People).  While one may focus on a specific calling we must learn the skills related to both, such as:

  • Building deep trust in our connection with spirit
  • Tools of mediumship, Spirit Work, Magick, Divination and more
  • Knowing when and how to provide support
  • Resolving interpersonal dynamics
  • many more skills which tend to arise in the context of Priest Service.

Fifth Circle and beyond involve increasing levels of responsibility and service within TOGA and Reno Magick. Individuals who have completed Fifth Circle initiation are considered Temple Priests and are able to found and run their own member temples or take on priest duties within an existing Temple.

We require priests who run TOGA member temples to be trained in the Reno Magick system for two reasons. First, participating in the same practices and magickal systems allows TOGA Clergy to be mutually supportive, regardless of our own specific traditions. Second, the higher levels of training ensure that people who act as priests and leaders within our system support the overarching mission of TOGA in its inclusivity and commitment to personal and community advancement.